Villa Kappa Tivoli

Lodging in Villa Kappa

Our lodging facilities counts double and twin rooms, each room is the result of a study and care for materials and the historical nature of the Villa.
In every room you can appreciate the original mosaics dating to the Villa construction, the classic furniture the iron shaped decorations.

Nonetheless the historical nature has been combined with modern comforts, to Ma la cura e la conservazione dell’ “antico” sono stati armonizzati con i moderni confort, to give our guests the feeling of warmth and attention that could try at home with friends. Our Villa is not presented as 'hotel', but rather as a haven to rest, enjoy the garden of the Villa and the many tourist attractions in the nearby.

Staying at Villa Kappa represents the fulfillment of a dining, cultural and human experience that will let you appreciate our idea of hospitality.

We are waiting for you!
Camera Matrimoniale Villa Kappa
Double Room
Ingresso reception Villa Kappa
Hall Entrance
Colazione Villa Kappa
Breakfast in Villa Kappa
Double Room
Giardino Villa Kappa
Villa Kappa Garden
Reception Hall
Camera Doppia Villa Kappa
Twin Room
Ingresso Principale Villa Kappa
Main Entrance
Villa Kappa
Villa Kappa Reception Hall
Camera Villa Kappa
Room Details
Villa Kappa
Villa Kappa
Villa Kappa Turismo
Tourism in Tivoli (Villa D'Este)