Villa Kappa Tivoli

Planning an event is first and foremost attention to detail. Two events never share the same feelings, the same circumstances, the same contingencies.
Planning an event in Villa Kappa will ensure the competence of a staff trained to plan important celebrations and turn moments of your personal or professional life in unforgettable experiences.

A celebration at Villa Kappa means staying on the safe side, optimizing the costs and time needed for the organization, forgetting any worries, leaving every detail in expert hands.

First, we will outline together: the beginning, the end and the purpose of the event.
The choice of the location implicitly characterizes the tone of an event, Villa Kappa assures you these advantages:

    a relaxing atmosphere, due to its location just outside the city, the spacious interior of the villa and the beautiful garden;
    attention to your guests, their comfort and their safety, thanks to the children's corner and the extensive garden paths;
    choice, quality and variety of food and drinks, with menus tailored to the preferences and needs of the celebrated and the invited;
    customization of the environment, adapting the choice of decorations, furnishings, lights and music to your taste;
    available car parking area for your guests.

Moreover, during the celebration, our staff will intervene to manage any changes or adjustments to the program that might arise. Our experience allows us to successfully deal with unexpected last minute incidents, to adapt to changing conditions and manage every situation with the utmost professionalism.
The main goal is the success of your celebration, and Villa Kappa is the perfect solution for you to fully enjoy the party with the certainty of being supported by industry professionals.